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Ohhhh….What a Rush!

Random Halloween Costume Idea:

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Heavy Metal!

This Thursday I have VIP tickets to go see one of my favorite bands (I’d say in the top three bands still playing), Down.  I’m writing about this because there are at least two connections between Down and Halloween, for … Continue reading

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30 Day Song Challenge – Intro/Day 1

My step-brother started posting his 30 Day Song Challenge on Facebook and it looks totally sweet. Since I didn’t want to invite taunts of “copy-cat!”, I figured I’d post my songs here instead of Facebook. Since it’s here, I kept … Continue reading

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Pizza Party

When your a teenager, you could just get high and go egg houses on halloween, but that’s not cool.  Know what’s cool?  Getting high and egging houses IN COSTUME.  Seriously, if you going to be a teenage jerk anyway, at least … Continue reading

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So I’m starting this blog cause I like telling people about stuff.  I’d join twitter, but I’m too damn longwinded. I’m pushing 30 and recently married my lovely, beautiful, and patient wife.  I have a good job, and great apartment … Continue reading

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